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3 Essential Steps To Roof Ventilation That Works!

Step 1: We use aerial imaging software to measure your roof and specify the right number of ventilators for your home.



    Satellite Imagery Roof Measurements

    Fixed Price Whirlybird Installation

    We offer fixed prices on our whirlybird installation packages.  We reduce your lead time and cost by providing a fixed price install without a site visit.  On our first visit we will be prepared to do the job.  If what you ordered won’t work or isn’t fit for purpose, we will postpone the install. In its place we will provide a no obligation quote.

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    Windmaster Whirlybird Metallic Finish
    Side view of Solar Roof Vent

    All Whirlybirds Are Not Created Equal

    Preferred Trades sources a range of roof vents and accessories from numerous local and national suppliers. We provide consultations either over the phone or via email.   Our consultants are able to use their knowledge and experience to match clients with an on-roof ventilation system to meet their needs.  Our range includes both wind driven and mains powered roof vents.



    – Stephen Covey

    When you dig down, our customers want us to deliver on a core set of values.  They want a product that is going to do the job they were expecting. They want it done for the price they were expecting. They don’t want anything to go wrong. They want it done by someone who knows what they are doing and is going to be around if something goes wrong in the future.  At Preferred Trades we have reverse engineered our service offering so we consistently deliver on these core set of values.

    The Number 1


    Firstly, we assess your roof’s size, layout and construction.  We then estimate the size of your roof cavity and determine its suitability for roof ventilation.  We leave nothing to chance.  We use aerial imaging software and real estate profiles to plan your installation, discover potential difficulties and determine which ventilation accessories will benefit your home.

    The Number 2


    Based on our assessment we get in contact to find out what is important to you about ventilating your roof.  Ventilation objectives can range anywhere from air quality improvement to cooling your home or even humidity removal.  Firstly we recommend a roof vent with enough capacity to ventilate your ceiling. Secondly we ask about features like thermostats (so they don’t run in winter or during the night) or ducting (allowing direct ventilation of your internal living spaces).  In the past it was common place for works to take place without ever discussing these requirements. This left customers with systems that looked the part, but didn’t live up to their full potential.

    The Number 3


    We design a roof ventilation package specifically tailored to your needs.  We then waste no time in putting our ladder on the truck and getting to your job.  We use a network of installers not only for quick turnaround times but also for reliability of service. Our installers follow our 5 Star Installation Process that is designed to deliver best results in three key areas – Property Protection, Safety and Workmanship.  Our 5 Star Installation Process has been developed over the lifetime of our business and is the direct result from installing thousands of roof vents.

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      Get To Know Your Roof Without The Ladder

      Preferred Trades has developed the most efficient method of evaluating your roof ventilation requirements.  Our consultants use state of the art aerial technology to assess your roof’s size and layout. We then provide you with instant whirlybird pricing so you can make a decision.

      Odyssey Roof Vent Night Sky Woodland Grey
      AiroMatic Mains Powered Roof Vent

      Unlicensed Contractors Have Nothing To Lose

      Preferred Trades is a licensed, experienced and insured roofing company. You can be sure your roof ventilation will be fitted to a tradesman standard and guaranteed to be water tight.  We are experienced in Metal roofs, Tiles roofs and Decromastic Tiles roofs.

      Our clients are blown away with our service.
      Here is what they have to say…

      Our Team Is Second To None

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      Our consultants use their expert product knowledge and combine it with your site specific details and budget to develop a roof ventilation package that meets your needs.

      Our #1 goal is to ensure you get roof ventilation that works.

      How we can help…

      Satellite Image Consultation

      An experienced ventilation consultant will measure the size of your roof and quantify the number of whirlybirds required. On request we can provide an installation layout for your approval.

      Comprehensive Warranty

      Preferred Trades has extended its warranty beyond the manufacturers. Our market leading warranty ensures the labour and workmanship as well as the parts are covered for the manufacturer’s warranty period. Giving you peace of mind.

      Completion Photos

      Our installers take photos of every completed whirlybird installation.  All our work is reviewed by our quality team prior to sending you an invoice.  We don’t think because it is up on your roof it won’t be seen.

      Fixed Price Whirlybird Installation

      You will have peace of mind knowing the cost to install before we attend site. No nasty surprises.

      Order your Personalised Ventilation Report sent to your E-mail Address

      We will provide you with a satellite image of your property and layout options for various roof ventilators and accessories.

      You can then digest this information in your own time.

      Ventilation Report Example