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I just wanted to drop and line and thank you and your company for replacing the Whirlybird on my roof. I now get sleep. The fact that you did it so efficiently and without me having to be there, was a great help. If I have any other roofing issues, I will be sure to use you guys again.
    11 Jul 2019
Approximate cost: $265
All went smoothly. Great customer service.
    25 Jun 2019
Approximate cost: $350
From the first phone call to the installation of the whirlybirds, we found your customer service very prompt and efficient. Not having to pay until the job was completed was also good feature.
    25 Jun 2019
Approximate cost: $265
I would not hesitate to recommend Preferred Trades. I was highly impressed with their quoting system and how they determined the ideal location for the new vent. Ben's service was amazing and the Preferred Trades installer was great too.
    08 May 2019
Approximate cost: $450
My friend is an existing customer and recommended me to Preferred Trades. It was a very prompt service.
    11 Apr 2019
Approximate cost: $395
I've already recommended you to my nieghbour. Thanks again
    05 Apr 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Customer service is as expected. They had a set fixed price and did everything as as instructed.
    03 Apr 2019
Approximate cost: $265
Timely quote advice from Ben and good service from Rett on the install.
    01 Apr 2019
Approximate cost: $1195
Service was great both in quoting and in the actual fitting.
    20 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $560
Excellent customer service. Would recommend to anybody.
    18 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Would absolutely recommend Preferred Trades to others. Keep up the good service
    15 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $560
My friend got some whirlybirds recently and recommended that I should too. Preferred Trades were timely and had good customer service.
    13 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Great price, quick response when quoting, ease in communicating with company and quick time frame to installation.
    12 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Installed Airomatic. Great service - prompt and most helpful communications by Ben and quickly installed. Very pleased with the outcome
    08 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $795
One of my whirlybirds had seized, the other was making a lot of noise. Preferred Trades was very efficient in replacing both units.
    01 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Preferred Trades replaced my whirlybird. Great Service and Professional.
    01 Mar 2019
Approximate cost: $250
The guys installed a whirlybird and ceiling vent. They were fantastic and very accommodating. I would highly recommend this company. Ben was fantastic in the lead up work, organising, ordering and following up on the job. Great business.
    28 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $390
Everything was great - no issues. Efficient and easy to deal with. Very responsive to all queries and provided logical solutions.
    28 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $265
Great communication and clarity. Good delivery - clean, respectful of our property and the product works!
    28 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $2100
Easy to deal with. Very prompt. Very knowledgeable and professional. Installer was on time, friendly, good tradesman and he cleaned up.
    26 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $570
Good price and great service. Thanks
    26 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $450
Very professional. Excellent follow up and you kept us informed.
    21 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $560
Excellent service. Prompt, communicative and easy to deal with. Thank you.
    21 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $395
My two whirlybirds needed replacing. Preferred Trades were professional and reliable. They helped us with the correct suggestion on colour matching.
    20 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Ease, price and convenience - would definitely recommend them.
    14 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Preferred Trades was friendly, fast and efficient.
    14 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $515
You provide Excellent customer service, great communication with prompt service and installation. I am very happy thank you so much.
    13 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $560
Great customer service, prompt and professional
    13 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $515
Good lead times, price and service.
    12 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $350
Great communication, price and warranty.
    12 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $495
Thanks for your service - only had 1 Whirlybird installed and the house feels a lot cooler.
    08 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $265
Preferred Trade's Price and Customer Service is outstanding.
    07 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Liked the look of the Airomatic Mains Powered Roof Vents, the website was really useful and Ben was very helpful.
    06 Feb 2019
Approximate cost: $2400
It was a pleasure doing a quote online with a simple solution.
    23 Jan 2019
Approximate cost: $740
Thanks Preferred Trades, much appreciated and good service.
    22 Jan 2019
Approximate cost: $395
The installation was seamless and all old material removed. Site left spotless.
    22 Jan 2019
Approximate cost: $395
Friendly service, kept informed when it could be carried out, good value.
    22 Jan 2019
Approximate cost: $560
Professional and instantly answered all of my enquiries.
    20 Dec 2018
Approximate cost: $900
Excellent customer service. Thumbs up all round.
    19 Dec 2018
Approximate cost: $795
Prompt and reliable response and service to enquiry. Easy and hassle free. Quality tradesman installing equipment.
    14 Dec 2018
Approximate cost: $2370
Reliable service & Good people. Thank you Preferred Trades
    13 Dec 2018
Approximate cost: $395
Many thanks for your help and Dan did an excellent job. Definitely feel the difference in the house, quite markedly so. May even consider putting a second one in after I have fully assessed the results of this one.
    30 Nov 2018
Approximate cost: $875
The team were very helpful in advising the best solution. We had 3 Airomatics installed and the house is already noticeably cooler. Thanks again.
    27 Nov 2018
Approximate cost: $2230
Good price, quick installation, excellent customer service - Ben is very knowledgeable about the products and was able to answer all my questions very well.
    26 Nov 2018
Approximate cost: $1075
We wanted the house to be cooler and Preferred Trades were professional and had good pricing.
    20 Nov 2018
Approximate cost: $350
It has cooled our house already, we installed in a heat wave, improvement of heat factor already.
    08 Nov 2018
Approximate cost: $1625
Good product + good service. Got an Odyssey System installed because it has both Roof and Home ventilation features. Is all linked to a smart system that regulates between home, roof and outside environment. Very happy with it's performance already.
    25 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $3010
Did a good job. Great internet presence and follow up phone calls from Preferred Trades.
    18 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $350
Thank you. Would most definitely recommend. I needed a low priced option for cooling my home and whirlybirds fit the bill
    12 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $350
The boys did a great job. I could feel the difference in the house temperature straight away. Good service and follow up.
    12 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $1105
Bearings had failed on one of my whirlybirds. Fast efficient service from start to finish. Excellant outcome.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $350
I needed a whirlybird replaced as it had become noisy. They have great customer service and a quick turn around.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $265
One of my existing whirlybirds started to make noise. Ben was quick and polite. Great service and great price.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $350
Whirlybirds had seized and stopped spinning. They are easy to work with and they keep customer appraised of what's happening.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $395
My current whirlybird wasn't working. Easy to use. Ben was great to deal with and kept me informed of what was happening and was reasonably priced.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $265
I would have no hesitation in recommending your service, very professional, excellent product knowledge, on time, on budget, clean, tidy and polite tradesmen. Couldn't be happier. Well Done.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $470
Direct quality service. I needed a solution to prevent the build up of moisture in my roof cavity. I went with Preferred Trades due to their great customer service.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $960
Great customer service. All questions answered promptly and a good product. The installation looks very good.
    05 Oct 2018
Approximate cost: $750
I would recommend Preferred Trades to anyone due to their excellent customer service. The job was very well done.
    10 Sep 2018
Approximate cost: $265
Great service, quick and without fuss. Great Job. Preferred Trades replaced my mother's noisy whirlybird.
    03 Sep 2018
Approximate cost: $265
Already had whirlybirds but needed to replace one that was not working. Preferred Trades had great pricing and quick installation, so I decided to go with them.
    17 Aug 2018
Approximate cost: $400
Prompt and efficient service carried out by friendly staff. I have just had my whirlybirds installed and so far nothing to complain about.
    17 Aug 2018
Approximate cost: $375
My friend got some whirlybirds installed by Preferred Trades and recommended that I should too. They were very efficient and I would recommend them to others.
    16 Aug 2018
Approximate cost: $395
We had whirlybirds installed because we have insulation in the ceiling but we want the house to be cooler. We went with Preferred Trades because of their comprehensive warranty and would recommend them to others because of their customer service.
    02 Aug 2018
Approximate cost: $560
As a satisfied customer I would be pleased to recommend your business with confidence. Please note I cannot make an appraisal of the quality of your whirlybirds as I have not previously used your product, however, I have no reason to doubt its quality and time will be the judge.
    02 Aug 2018
Approximate cost: $375
Preferred Trades has great pricing and the best customer service. Their comprehensive 15 year warranty was also very attractive.
    27 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $350
Keep hiring such helpful efficient staff - they are knowledgeable and efficient and your prices are excelent.
    12 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $365
Could not fault your service. Professional service and top level communication. My installer was obliging and explained the method of installation to me.
    10 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $495
Great Customer Service from Ben. I needed to install whirlybirds due to a Body Corp requirement. I chose to go with Preferred Trades due to their Lead Time.
    10 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $395
From the first call we could not fault the customer service and the fellow who did the installation was fantastic. We would never have any hesitation in recommending them to others.
    10 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $265
Prompt response to my enquiry, very accommodating and work completed without fuss.
    10 Jul 2018
Approximate cost: $265
Happy with everything. A very nice young fellow who did the installation.
    29 Jun 2018
Approximate cost: $560
I would recommend them because of their Speed of service, quality of product and price
    29 Jun 2018
Approximate cost: $390
Keep doing what you are already. Doing well.
    15 Jan 2018
Approximate cost: $265
Their comprehensive warranty is the number 1 reason I chose to go with them.
    27 Dec 2017
Approximate cost: $450
The reason i chose Preferred Trades was for their technical knowledge.
    12 Dec 2017
Approximate cost: $625
My existing whirlybird became noisy and i needed it replaced quickly.
    30 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $395
Placement of whirlybirds on my roof in a great place, can hardly see them. Only thing to improve is if there was more notice when installing. Made the enquiry on Friday afternoon, installed on Wednesday.
    28 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $395
I chose to have whirlybirds installed as a low priced option for cooling my home.
    28 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $350
Thanks for everything here, good to work with a competent business all round. Appreciate the promptness of all aspects.
    21 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $1230
Dealing with Preferred Trades was a very positive experience from start to finish. The person who came out to measure was great - got up in the roof and took photos, which he showed to me and he explained everything. Ben Stewart was also fantastic - great communication and he replied to every query I had very promptly. The installers arrived on time and completed the work hassle free. Other companies could take a leaf out of your book.
    21 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $1000
Highly Recommend Preferred Trades , Jacinta is very kind & understanding of your situation + requirements, Prompt communication ,excellent Tradies with high respect for their clients
    17 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $2600
I got exactly what I asked for : Quick service, Good price, the job was done Very well Thankyou
    09 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $395
Minimum fuss installation. Installer was professional, polite, efficient and clean. I chose preferred trades for their comprehensive warranty.
    03 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $350
Kirk, who did the installation was very friendly and professional. I chose to have whirlybirds installed as a low priced option for cooling my home. I chose preferred trades for their comprehensive warranty.
    03 Nov 2017
Approximate cost: $250
While price was a factor it was the face to face contact with the provider that determined my decision. The service from beginning to end was good old fashioned service. Thank you for putting your customer first.
    20 Oct 2017
Approximate cost: $2111
I chose to have whirlybirds installed because my friend recently did and recommended that I should.
    20 Oct 2017
Approximate cost: $560
My current whirlybirds have become noisy on my tenanted property.
    20 Oct 2017
Approximate cost: $395
Low priced option for removing moisture from my ceiling.
    12 Oct 2017
Approximate cost: $2745
Just would be good if there was a quicker response following placement of order.
    12 Oct 2017
Approximate cost: $1270
I am most satisfied with completed work.
    27 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $665
Please accept our thanks and congratulations on a task well done from the quote to the installation, this also includes the ladies in your office
    20 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $537
The team were all very easy to talk to, knowledgeable about their products and helpful. The service was very timely and hassle free. Thank you!
    12 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $930
Your installation guy was efficient, quick and very polite. Would not hesitate to use Preferred Trades again
    12 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $350
The quote was quick and the installation done a week later. The installer worked hard and made minimum dust. His knowledge of the latest standards and regulations was up to date and helpful.
    11 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $3800
Great service could not fault. Highly recomended. Good price. Would use again in the future.
    11 Sep 2017
Approximate cost: $375
From the time of initial enquiry through to quotation and subsequent installation the whole process was handled professionally and friendly.
    24 Aug 2017
Approximate cost: $710
Work carried out very professional and on time thank you.
    17 Jul 2017
Approximate cost: $1029
I just looked up whirlybirds on the net, but after speaking with Jacinta I was happy to go ahead with the purchase. She was so helpful and efficient and a credit to your company. True customer service....rare these days.
    29 Jun 2017
Approximate cost: $350
Jacinta is awesome easy to understand and really lovely . She explained the excellence of your product and the 15 year warranty.
    19 May 2017
Approximate cost: $395
Jacinta is excellent. So very helpful and fitter was very caring, knowledgeable and I would recommend both.
    26 Apr 2017
Approximate cost: $700
Rhett the installer was great with the installation, he also highlighted some screws were missing on the roof sheeting.
    20 Apr 2017
Approximate cost: $560
From start to finish a very professional experience, thank you to all concerned. Will definitely recommend to other interested parties. Thank you
    10 Apr 2017
Approximate cost: $880
Job was completed in very quick and professional manner. Workman was very friendly and took time to answer questions I had regarding the installation. Would be happy to recomand service.
    28 Mar 2017
Approximate cost: $680
I was impressed with the quick and efficient service. Hassle free with reasonable prices. The customer service in organising the right person for the job was spot on. Will definitely use this service again.
    24 Mar 2017
Approximate cost: $450
We found your quoting process fast & appropriate to product we required. Your Installer Kirk was extremely aware & prepared to get on with the job in a very efficient manner. A very polite and friendly yet professional tradesman.
    22 Mar 2017
Approximate cost: $515
I am very impressed with Preferred Trades right from my first point of enquiry to delivery and installation. Thank you!
    21 Mar 2017
Approximate cost: $395