AiroMatic Mains Powered Roof Vents

AiroMatic Mains Powered Ventilators operate quietly and can be set up to run 24 hours a day on either high, medium or low speed settings. They can also be set up to automaticly adjust their speed settings in response to changes in temperature or humidity within the home.

The Powered Advantage

AiroMatic Mains Powered Roof Ventilators don’t stop running just because the sun has set – they keep performing until your home is cool and humidity free.

Humid air gathers in the roof cavity and condenses into water droplets when the roof cools. Activities such as showering, cooking and laundry add to this build up of mositure, and can lead to mildew that damages plasterboard, weakens building materials and causes electrical problems.

The temperature and humidity sensing AiroMatic Powered Roof Ventilator effortlessly extracts this build up of heat and moisture from your home.


  • Sleek design with clear dome made with high quality UV stable polymer
  • Maximum flow rate of 647 m3/h
  • Preset automatic temperature controlled variable speed setting or three preset fixed speed settings
  • Humidity sensor automatically adjusts settings based on detected humidity levels
  • Polymer construction in four popular colours
  • High efficiency 24V DC motor
  • Two year warranty on motor – One year warranty on power pack
  • For ideal ventilation, 6 to 7 air changes of the roof space are required per hour – to achieve this we recommend 1 AiroMatic for every 90 m2 of roof space


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