Eave VentsEave Vents

Edmonds external eave vents increase the efficiency of your whirlybird installation. The eave vents allow fresh air to be drawn up through the eaves and in to the roof cavity. This vastly improves the cross ventilation of the roof space and provides a constant flow of cool air throughout the roof.

For lowset rooves (eaves < 3m) installation is $33 / vent.

For highset rooves (eaves > 3m) installation is $50 / vent.

– 420mm in length

– Snap in fixing

– Inlet holes tapered to restrict insect entry

The manufacturer recommends installing 4 eave vents per whirlybird or roof vent.

Only available when purchased with a whirlybird installation.

Please note that we are only licenced to install ceiling vents into gyprock ceilings. We are not licenced to install into Asbestos ceilings.

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